Committees/WGs - Data Management WG
The CRO partner and their assigned data management experts will have the primary responsibility for providing a data migration plan template, writing the data migration plan, managing the migration activities between CTCC and 2MT, and will work closely with the Data Management Working Group to obtain advice, support and coordination.The primary responsibility of the Data Management Working Group is to ensure that the Enroll-HD database and data will be available to go live on the date defined by the Executive Committee. This includes either the successful migration of data from COHORT and REGISTRY to the Enroll-HD database or a detailed plan that can be implemented to migrate the data at a later date. This plan should involve minimal risk and/or disturbance to the Enroll-HD database.
  • Provide assistance, advice and support to the CRO partner
  • Provide liaison support between the CRO, the University of Rochester CTCC and 2MT
  • Review and comment on key documents and plans produced by the CRO and 2MT
  • Ensure flexible database structure
  • Ensure ability to incorporate data from other sources as appropriate