Committees/WGs - Platform Monitoring Oversicht Team (PMOT)

Platform Monitoring Oversight Team Members

Jenny Callaghan (Compliance and Training Manager / EHDN)
Selene Capodarca (Global Project Manager / EHDN)
Olivia Handley (Global Platform Manager / EHDN)
Jenny Townhill (Clinical Trial Manager / EHDN)
Charles Boehlert (Lead CRA – North America / IQVIA)
Adrien Come (European Monitors Manager / EHDN)
Carlos Fumagalli (Lead CRA - Latin America / ReSolution)
Tomas Bernard (Lead CRA - Europe / EHDN)
Elena Pak (Clinical Program Manager / CHDI)
Katie Bennett (Project Management Analyst / IQVIA)
Claudia Perandones (Regional Manager - Latin America / CHDI)
Noopur Modi (Regional Manager – North America and Australasia / CHDI)
Ruth Fullam (Regional Manager - Europe / EHDN)
Tim McLean (Platform Co-Leader / EHDN)
Jamie Levy (Platform Co-Leader / CHDI)
Shilpa Deshpande (Platform Operations Manager / CHDI)
Sandra Gonzalez (Clinical Program Manager / CHDI)
Mette Gilling (Scientific Project Manager / EHDN)